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Common ConneX Questions

Connex Answers

Why should contractors and consultants use ConneX?
Contractors and consultants can use ConneX to manage their own company details, user accounts, passwords, and eApproval PINs from a central location. Contractors and consultants can then use this information to request access to local government agencies they work with; allowing them to use a single user ID and password at multiple eGram sites.
What do government agencies use eGram for?
Government agencies that have OneOffice for Construction Project Management use eGram to post project information such as: project plans and specifications, addenda, bid abstracts, ad for bids, plan holder lists, project messages, weekly diaries, pay vouchers, contract changes, as well as other documentation created in OneOffice.
Do all counties and cities in Minnesota use eGram to post project information?
Not all counties and cities in the State of Minnesota use eGram or use eGram to the same degree. If you have questions about an agency's eGram use, please contact that agency or go directly to that agency's eGram page for more information.
Are there any benefits to government agencies?
Yes, government agencies no longer have to manage organization and user account information for ConneX users; which both ensures that government agencies always have accurate and current organization and user account information and also decreases time spent administering account information.
Do government agencies still have the ability to determine who is granted access to their eGram servers?
Yes. Government agencies will receive a request from an organization for eGram login rights. Also, they may invalidate user accounts at any time in order to deny access.
Can a government agency still add organizations and user accounts, as well as provide eGram access, outside of ConneX?
Yes, if a government agency would like to manually add organizations, contacts, and user accounts, they may do so directly in OneOffice and eGram.
How do new user accounts get added to a ConneX organization?
New user accounts can be added by the organization administrator(s); or a user can request to 'join' an organization. If a request is made, the organization administrator(s) will be able to either accept or deny the request.
What happens if user accounts are added to an approved ConneX organization?
If an organization is approved at a government agency, any user accounts that are created or accepted as a part of that organization will also be merged into the government agency's OneOffice database.
What happens to previously setup OneOffice accounts?
Once organization and contact information are merged into OneOffice, the new organization and user account information that the contractor or consultant created will override any previously entered information in OneOffice. Likewise, if approved organization and/or user account information is updated via ConneX; this information will automatically be updated in OneOffice as well.
Will old user accounts, created on eGram, remain active?
If a government agency has not yet synchronized a ConneX organization and user accounts into their database, any old accounts that were manually added to eGram will still remain active. If, however, a ConneX organization has been synchronized by a government agency, any old previously created user accounts that were part of that organization will be invalidated unless synchronized with a new ConneX user account.
Can invalidated contacts and user accounts be deleted from OneOffice?
Yes, an invalidated account is highlighted in pink and it can be deleted if the account and/or contact is not linked to any project information or documentation. If a contact/user account is linked to project information or is shown on project documentation, you will receive an error message if you try to delete the invalidated account. If you do not wish to view any invalidated accounts, use the checkbox at the top left corner to filter valid and invalid accounts.
After a preexisting ConneX organization is merged into a government agency's database, is the new ConneX information used on OneOffice documentation?
Yes; everything but the organization name will be modified to reflect the organization and user account information that is on ConneX.
Will historical OneOffice documents be modified to reflect new ConneX information?
Yes; for organizations that were previously in the government agency database, any modifications that are made on ConneX will reflect historical OneOffice documents, except for the organization name. The original organization name that was set up in OneOffice will remain unchanged.
What is the 'founder' of an organization on ConneX?
The founder of is the person/user account who initially created the organization on ConneX. This person also has administrative rights and can add and approve additional user accounts for the organization, as well as perform other administrative tasks. The founder may not be removed from the organization.
Can I change the 'founder'?
Yes; the founder may pass this designation to another user account within your organization via the administrative tab labeled 'Founder Options'.
How do I delete an organization on ConneX?
Only the 'founder' of an organization has the ability to delete an organization on ConneX. The 'founder' must first delete all user accounts that are part of the organization, and then can use the administrative tab labeled 'Founder Options' to remove the organization from ConneX.
Can I change my User ID?
No, you can not change your user ID or user account name. All other user account information can be changed.
Can I use a shared email address for user accounts?
An email address can only be linked to a single user account.
Why am I getting a message about cookies being disabled?

If you are getting a "Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies" message or something similar, please check that your browser is configured to accept cookies.

Resolution for Internet Explorer

Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Click on the Privacy tab

Adjust the slider to "Low" or "Accept All Cookies"

Who should I contact with questions?
Please contact the agency whose eGram page you are trying to access.

Common bidVAULT Questions

bidVault Answers

What advantages are there to using electronic bid submission?
Electronic bidding provides more convenience and better accessibility for contractors who wish to bid on projects. With UCCS' bidVAULT application, if any required bid information is not populated; the missed steps or fields will be hi-lighted. Values are automatically calculated to ensure data integrity and real-time bid entries allow up-to-the-minute submission.
Is electronic bidding a secure process?
Yes; bidVAULT servers are hosted in a SSAE 16 type II facility to ensure high availability and security for your bid data, using redundant data storage protects your bid data from hardware/software failures. bidVAULT's bid encryption gives the bidder a private bid key to access their bid information, giving the bidder full control over who has access to their bid data. Only after the bid date/time has passed, will the project owner be issued a project key and code to open the bids. Numerous real-time audit reports are available to bidders, giving them the ability to see who has accessed their bid and when, down to the IP address of the computer.
Do contractors need to purchase/download software in order to use bidVAULT?
No. bidVAULT there is no software to purchase or download; but project bid keys are downloaded at the initiation of the bidding process. No special software is needed to download the project bid key.
How do I get a bid key?
Each organization downloads one bid key, for each project. This bid key must be uploaded each time bid information is accessed. The bid key can be shared with anyone in the company who needs to access the project bid information.
How do I get a username and password for the bidVAULT site?
bidVAULT uses accounts from UCCS' ConneX site for user authentication. To create an account on ConneX, go to https://connex.mn.uccs.com. Please look for the FAQ and User Guide on that site for additional information.
How can I bid on a project listed on the bidVAULT site?
Contractors must have a ConneX account and be a plan holder for the project. In addition, at least one of the users in the organization must have a PIN ID to approve the bid. The PIN can be setup on ConneX.
What happens if I lose my bid key?
If you lose your bid key and need to access your bid information, you will need to download a new bid key. Downloading a new bid key will remove any previously entered data, for security precautions.
What happens if I forget my password or PIN ID?
If you forget your password or PIN ID, you will need to go to the ConneX site and click on Forgot Password. An automatic email with a temporary password will be emailed to you; you will need to change this password immediately after logging into ConneX. In ConneX, you can also issue yourself a new PIN ID. This too will be sent in an automatic email notification, but unlike the password; it is not temporary and will not need to be changed.
How many decimal places can be entered for bid values?
We support up to ten decimal places.
Can you enter '0' into a bid value?
No, you must enter a value greater than '0'.
Can contractors submit bid bonds electronically?
Yes; using S2000 Corporations' Surety 2000 or InSure Vision Technologies' SurePath, contractors can electronically submit and verify bid bond information.
Can bids be updated, continuously, throughout the course of the bidding timeframe allotted?
Yes; bids can be saved and accessed continuously before the specified date/time of bid opening. Each time you access bid information, you will need to upload the project bid key.
How do you know what time bidding is closed on bidVAULT?
The official bid time in the bidVAULT application shows you the bid clock, real-time, for bid closing. The clock on your own computer is not the official bid time.
Can contractors submit and sign bid documentation electronically?
Yes; agencies have the option to allow for the necessary bid documentation to be electronically populated and approved as part of the bidVAULT bid submission process.
How do contractors know if bid information changes?
If an agency modifies bid information via an addenda, plan holders will be notified via an automatic email notification and any items affected by the addenda will be hi-lighted in the project item list on bidVAULT. If a contractor has already approved a bid prior to an addenda being issued, the bid approval will be removed and the contractor must confirm acceptance of the addenda and re-approve their bid.
Can you withdraw a bid?
Yes; from the 'My Projects' page, contractors can view projects they are bidding on, edit their bid, and withdraw their bid. If you do not withdraw your bid, the opening agency will be able to see any information entered, even if the bid is not complete or approved.
How many people, from an organization, can access the bid values/information?
Any number of people can access project bid information. It is up to the organization to decide who has access.
Is there a way to track who has accessed each bid?
Yes; in the Audit Reports section of bidVAULT, organizations can see who, from their own company, has accessed each project's bid information; displaying, the IP address, username, and date/time.
What happens at bid opening time?
At bid opening time, all users are locked out of the project's bid information and any data entered, up to that time, will be able to be viewed by the opening agency. The agency then has the option to import the bid values into RtVision's OneOffice construction project management application.
Where are the bid results posted?
Each agency can create and post their bid results in different locations. Although many agencies may post their bid results on their eGram project page; check with the agency to confirm where results will show.